Trade systematic and emotion-free with our data-driven, fully automated and customizable trading strategies.

ALGOMATIXRT is built with easy-to-manage simple-to-complex algo-trading strategies and indicators based on high performance computing technology. It has simple and intuitive interfaces, so that customers can easily turn strategies into live trading. It can be easily integrated with their trading platform through APIs, and customers can check all actions and live positions in their trading platform.

ALGOMATIXRT – the fully automated trading strategy app comes with the following:

Create your own strategies
Ready to trade strategies
100% automated strategies
Market Segments: Cash Equity, Futures & Options
50+ Indicators (and adding more)
Change parameters on-the-go
Support/Resistance Trading Mode

Ichimoku Trading Mode
Trend Trading Mode
Opening Range Trading Mode
Economic News Trading Mode
Technical support & FAQs
Lifetime Updates (bug-fix and new features)

Ichimoku Cloud
Ichimoku Cloud is a popular all-in-one indicator and has many strategies built into itthat is designed to give insight into the trend of the market. It provides information that includes support/resistance, trend direction and momentum all at the same time. ALGOMATIX-RT leverages this insightful data and let you trade with it 100% automated.

Support & Resistance
Using support and resistance levels as a trading strategy is one of the key methods of trading. It helps in managing risk and place stops, determine the market conditions and find appropriate entry and exit positions. ALGOMATIX-RT helps you trade those levels efficiently and with flexibility by offering you many order management options.