About Us

The world around is simple and we want to do our best to keep it that way, and make an impact by re-inventing how people trade in the market. Even as we are focused on making the trading technology better, we want to simplify the complexity.

ALGOMATIX-RT, the systematic, unemotional and intelligent automated trading system that focuses client first, is developed by STROBUS InfoSoft. We brought together technology and innovation to help us build the algo-trading system for the millennial investors to achieve their financial goals.

We believe this is a great opportunity for the industry to build inclusive business that is something new, something different and something better.

As the market is always evolving, we strive to update our strategies on a regular basis and take client feedback seriously. We believe this is how we can make a superior product even better.

Strobus is a new-age boutique financial software engineering company providing solutions fluent in both business and technology, in the domains of investment banking and capital markets. Strobus has generated significant returns and strategic business value for its clients through its deep expertise in digital technologies and its strong focus on product engineering.